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Stumbled across this article today, thought I'd share. It always helps me to re-strengthen myself and my resolve by reviewing why porn is bad, and why I want to quit.


That is a great article (and I loved your comment, Marnia)~~

This part fascinated me, I guess because I don't know that I can relate to it, but I am trying to understand it (the idea of searching for images with different levels of potency and effect):

"Pornography addiction is frantic learning, and perhaps this is why many who have struggled with multiple addictions report that it was the hardest for them to overcome. Drug addictions, while powerful, are more passive in a “thinking” kind of way, whereas pornography viewing, especially on the internet, is a much more active process neurologically. The constant searching for and evaluating of each image or video clip for its potency and effect is an exercise in neuronal learning, limited only by the progressively rewired brain. Curiosities are thus fused into compulsions, and the need for a larger dopamine fix can drive the person from soft-core to hard-core to child pornography—and worse. A paper published in the Journal of Family Violence in 2009 revealed that 85 percent of men arrested for child pornography had also physically abused children."


Yep Hilton

has been working on this for Awhile. This year he updated his material, which we have on YBOP. He has influenced us (hyporfrontality), and from the changes we see (moving more into dopamine, and using food, gambling to emphasize the commonality of all addictions), we have influenced him. Soon I will be doing presentations on neuroplasticity, sensitization and hyporfrontality - some of the items he mentions.

Here's his newer "lay" version
(L) Can Pornography Use Become An Actual Brain Addiction? (2011)

Here's an old video of him on hypofrontality and porn -

Here's his latest "science" version
Pornography Addiction: A Neuroscience Perspective (2011)