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I'm wondering if there are good resources for specific techniques for dealing with all the energy built up during sex without orgasm. I never experience blue balls, but I do tend to feel back pain and abdominal discomfort- seems as though the energy can't rise properly. Otherwise, I am experiencing very positive things from karezza that are well worth a little discomfort in the 3rd chakra area. I would love to equip myself with some more techniques for getting that energy to rise.

Janitor mentioned a visualization technique involving lying on your back with knees bent and breathing the energy up the spine into the third eye and out the heart- I find this very helpful and I am fishing for more of this kind of information. Most of the literature I read about coitus reservatus talks mainly about the benefits and history but skimps on the nuts and bolts info about technique and how to work the energy through the entire body, what you balance and where, etc.

Hmm... I think I'm pretty

Hmm... I think I'm pretty relaxed, but there's always room for more relaxation. I guess that's what I'm asking for- specific methods for relaxation, deep breathing, visualizations, etc?

I guess it's more present

I guess it's more present sometimes than others. I think it is just a matter of devoting time to actively breathing the energy up after sexual activity and taking care to pay attention to my body.

I feel that I am solving this problem, but I would still be curious to hear from anyone about their own practices for directing energy. Or to hear about problems/pains in general that might be different than mine and how they are dealt with.

You could open the

You could open the microcosmic orbit. IT is the pathway up the spine and down the
front to the perinium and back up the spine again. If energy is circulating well
here you will for the most part be balanced. Karezza will bcome much easier. I would
think though that karezza should smooth out energy by itself and so the advice on
focusing more on relaxation is good. Also the male deer exercise as described on the
umatantra website is helpfull on learning to have tantric internal orgasms. It might
make you horny though and requires some degree of arousing stimulation.

There is also the "Biels fire and water technique" described on alchmicaltoaism.com.
It balances sexual and heart energies. You can read that as balancing dopamine and

In general one wants to draw the energy down to the dan tien (three to four fingers
down from the navel and a bit into the belly). When energy gets drawn here it gets
baalnced and stabilized and it spreads to other parts of the body to the degree it
needs to go there. Surplus energy is stored instead of needlessly spent. THis is
important in all the chinese traditions and in many other tradtions. In generall
having to much energy high up is not a good thing. Especially western people have to
much energy in their heads. It might feel good for a while but can make you fluffy
and out of touch with life. You can draw the energy where you want during practices
but after one should always close by drawing it too the dan tien unless one has very
specific reasons for leaving it elsewhere. I think in karezza though the spread will
normally be quite natural and one does not need so much to draw energy down.

Opening the microcosmic orbit is generally considered a sort of "level two" practice
meaning htat one first learns to still the mind and gains some balance with other
easier and less dangerous practices. However, the CD with instructions to open the
micorcosmic orbit that springforestqigong sells has gotten so good reviews as being
safe and effective I think even a beginer can use it. THey call it small heavenly
orbit or circle or something like that.

Pains in the lower back are often kidney related and the kidneys are intimately
connected to sexual energy and also to the thrid chakra through the adrenals which
they control. Doing the kidney sound from six healing sounds or the inner smile on
the kidneys will often smooth out my back pains and any sense of stagnation in that
area. I don`t know what your experience level is but healing sounds and inner smile
are great ways to start to get some familiarity and control over energy in a safe
way while also harmonzing the energy body and healing your emotions in a very direct
and efficient and deep way. Get some mastery in those and in stilling the mind
through basic breath based meditation, simple belly breathing or mantra or standing
meditation then opening hte orbit is quite easy and generally safe.

Doing stuff like drawing energy up to the crown and down to the heart can work and
can work in a balanced way but such techniques can also create imbalances and quite
of really harsh energetic and emotional problems. Especially when one is working
with sexual energy which is considered more powerfull and more dangerous than normal
chi. Such techniques come from systems where they are part of a larger whole. Such a
technique would almost always be a second or third level technique and so be deemed
both fairly easy to do well and do without getting problems because preliminary
practices were mastered and it was balanced out by other practices that focused on
other aspects of the energy body and overal development. When one such practice is
taken out ot context it can be really dangerous. Especially for a beginner. More
advanced practioners can generally figure out how a practice works for their system
overal in a way a beginer can not and can figure out how it fits or clashes with
other practices they are doing and so examine for themselves if they can integrate
the practice into their current practices or not.

There is a technique called spinal breathing where you draw energy from the root to
the crown or the third eye and back down following the spinal nerve. It is one of
the most powerfull pranayamas. If you do it to the crown and back and you do it
everyday for a long time and you do no other practices there is a very, very, very
large chance you will start having weird halucinations, start behaving like an
idiot, feel spaced out, loose contact with friends etc. If on the other hand you
first develop a deeply stilled mind through meditation with a mantra or on the
breath and you only draw energy to the third eye and down you will likely not
experience problems. Later on once the nervous system is used to this you can start
carefully experimenting with the crown and eventually breath up and down to the
crown without risk of imbalances. If you also practice something very grounding like
standing meidtation you can do more of it as it helps avoid overload in the hgiher
centers in a more powerfull way than most other practices. In this way practices
fits into a whole. THe tantra world is full of practices taken out of the context in
which they are safe and actually give much meaning to do. One important thing to
consider in this is that you often won`t see the true effects before you have
practiced it for months and then when you do see it you are in trouble.

If you want to learn safe and really good and powerfull practices for sex that are
compatible with karezza I would contact the people that run kundalini awakening
process. IN their level two course they teach some great sexual practices. As they
teach it they are dependent on you having taken level one (sexual practices are
almost always reserved for after one has mastered basics as they are more dangerous)
so I am not sure if they will teach you anything unless you take this but they might
be willing to give you some private lessons in the most basic things or teach you a
package of suporting practices that puts the sexual practices into a safe overal
practice. If you take their whole course be aware that it is aimed at raising
kundalinii very quickly (although in an unusally safe and balanced way). Doing
karezza alone is safe doing karezza with powerfull breathing practices or
visualisations etc can create the radical shifts and imbalances I have warned about
so you need not fear karezza just the powerfull techniques.

If you want to start of fromt eh beging you could follow springforestqigongs dvds.
THey have gotten the best reviews I have seen more or less, are very simple, very
effective, work for almost all people, open you to energy flow quickly, is very
balancing and teaches you to control energy. OTehr good practices are standing
meditation (zhan Zhuang) which is my favorite. It basically does everything. It
stills your mind, it opens all your energy channels nad energy centers and builds
all the energy one aims for in qigong and yoga systems, it also transforms your
physical body in the way one aim for in internal martial arts meaning ones alignment
is perfected, ones body gets very strong, one gets reasonably flexible, and it leads
to the deep transformation of marrow, bones, fascia etc. that one aims for in
internal martial arts. In the begining it functions like a concentration meditation
but once you get deeper it naturally turns into vipassana/insight meditation and so
eventually brings enlightenment. NAd all you have to do is basically stand in
posture and be aware and let nature takes its course whcih is why some call it
"standing zen". In this sense it is kind of like karezza, just relax and be aware
and the energy takes care of itself. Other good practices for beginers are inner
smile and healing sounds, tai chi, most simple qigong movement forms, the dvds of
bruce kumar frantzis are also considered very good and safe for beginers and is
especially compatible with karezza because it focuses so much on relaxation and
disolving blocks.