Day 55 help!

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Ive been clean for 55 days now of porn and masterbation, this is the longest ive gone since i was 15, im 25 now. Ive suffered from ED for ten years now since i started masterbating, ive started getting weak night and morning erections recently which i never used to get when i masterbated all the time. Last night i had 2 wet dreams in one night, the first one was a dream of myself masterbating at the laptop which cant be a good sign. Will this affect my recovery, im only 5 days off the 2 month target but i need some assurance ive not back tracked. Thanks.


Just observe yourself, and notice whatever you notice. Some people experience almost no changes over the next few days; others notice their cravings jump for a while (the "chaser effect"). You can learn more about yourself just by watching.

You're definitely not "starting over." At most, it's more like you've eaten something not on your diet. Big deal. Just get back on the diet. Smile

Using dreams

"Using dreams", sometimes alcoholics are dreaming about drinking, and it's regarded as a sign of recovery, I can't see why it should different in porn addiction... I know these dreams can be distracting, I wish I could have a normal wet dream...