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Greetings fellow Earthlings! :D

I am in quite the euphoric state at the moment (hence the quirkiness) because this is the happiest I've been in almost two years. Long story short I went through a terrible life changing event that left me physically and psychologically scarred. It left me with frequent reoccurring headaches and even panic attacks, which were causing me lower back pain. Until recently I was even having trouble fighting off colds, and had even been to the doctor a few times (each doctor giving me something different and telling me different possible causes of my ongoing illness). Then, in spite of the fact that I was a vegetarian for some time, I decided I would try something organic to heal me. I proceeded to scour the internet and found various home remedies. More and more my symptoms pointed to the cause of my illness being stress. So I began meditating again (something I'd put off for a while) and practicing relaxation techniques.

Reading about the stress certain foods can put on the body led me to a page about different diets and the benefits of being a vegan. If the facts about the health benefits weren't enough, on one vegan site I found a movie called Earthlings.... And I've had no desire to eat meat, use or consume anything that's inorganic or comes from animals, or go to the zoo or circus since. This was about two days ago.

I continued to search and educate myself on being a vegan, when I stumbled across this website (30 bananas a day.com) and really found my support community. Today I read a post that mention Karezza which led me here..... And within minutes of reading about it I knew there was really no going back for me. (I've been celibate for almost 6 months now and was looking for a way to make future relationships more intimate and meaningful.) To me Karezza just made sense, the same way going vegan and even being celibate did).

So I've got this really good friend..... (sorry I spaced out for a second there :) ) who was more than willing to try this with me. .....Words simply cannot describe how beautiful my first experience was. It was like sex for the first time, except for the fact that we didn't even go that far, we just spent an hour or so kissing and touching, basking in each others radiance. (Literally, at one point when I closed my eyes I saw a bright light despite the dimly lit room.) I believe it was his energy, or even our energy colliding positively. Now when I even hear his voice or our eyes meet it sends this wave of unrivaled bliss over me and I can't help but smile like I never forgot how......

When we started I had a slight headache and some lower back pain and now I feel the best I've felt in years. This was literally the most relaxing and fulfilling experience I've had in my life so far. And I thank fate and the universe for changing my entire perspective on life, love and happiness in just a few short days. Life is funny like that sometimes. You have to survive the bad in order to truly appreciate the good. And with my cold symptoms subsiding and this excellent specimen of man beside me I KNOW I won't ever go back to that self-destructive lifestyle....

Just thought I'd share my happiness with some more like minded peoples! :D Peace and love everyone!

Welcome your Highness

Smile Thanks for stopping by with your happy news. I've enabled you to blog in case you want to keep us posted on your adventure.

Really glad to hear you've been feeling better overall, too.


Thanks! I look forward to sharing this new chapter in my journey of life. Hopefully, I can be of some inspiration to others as well.

Yep, Me too

[quote]I read a post that mentioned Karezza which led me here..... And within minutes of reading about it I knew there was really no going back for me[/quote]


It represents the change from my old lifestyle to the blooming infinite inner beauty that I feel now.



How did you know?.... Lol! Let me just say that "fan" is kinda an understatement for me when it comes to Bleach. :) But I love to meet other people who share my enthusiasm! So... does that mean you're a fan?


Yeah. My favorite manga

Yeah. My favorite manga right now are Fairy Tail and One Piece (as far as weekly shonen go anyway), but I like Bleach too.

I'm happy that I'm no longer the only otaku present here!

EDIT: Before anyone asks (my sister did), One Piece is about pirates and freaky superpowers, NOT swimsuits.


*Air Five* Bleach was my fav until I discovered Fairy Tail. I love anything from Naruto and D.Gray-Man to the old school stuff like Ruroni Kenshin and Trigun. I even read the more girly stuff like Friuts Basket. I just love to read manga/watch anime. It's definitely a major hobby of mine. I'm even (trying) to teach myself Japanese so I can watch/read it without subs. (I can't stand dubbed by the way, they really mess up the dialogue.) But of course since you're an otaku you already know that..... I've never watched/read One Piece though. It looks good but I've just never looked into it. (I know how can I be an Anime fan and not watch/read One Piece.) You know what... I think I'm gonna check it out the next day I have off... Just because you mentioned it.... (I have these random days where I do nothing but watch an anime from beginning to current/end. I do it with Bleach more than anything. Wow... I really didn't mean to type a paragraph. Sorry. :) I'm just happy to meet another otaku period. Most of my friends and family make fun of me for watching anime.


So happy~

You sound so positive and happy and that is wonderful! It's fun to hear how others found this website~~I still don't remember *exactly* how I found it, but I'm so glad I did. It has been life-changing for me, too.

If you want to read more karezza stories, there is a little heart icon over on the left-hand menu and if you click on that, it will pull up the posts and blogs that deal mostly with matters of the heart ♥.



Thank You!

Since discovering this lifestyle I've noticed it's actually harder for me to be in a bad mood now. I don't get angry or frustrated as easily. Mostly I feel calm yet energized. My mom has definitely noticed a change, but she thinks it's due to a "lack of nutrients" and I've just lost my mind. Lol! I can't wait until a month or two months from now, whenever the changes really start to affect my appearance and she can still see how positive I am! Then I'll just say "Crazy... No. Vegan and Karezza Lifestyles... Absolutely!" :)

I have definitely been reading others' blogs and stories. They are very enlightening and replenish that sense I have of knowing I've made the right decision.


"It's fun to hear how others found this website"

I was looking for porn and erotic material that would be acceptable to my spouse (hah!). I wanted to boost her sex drive (double hah!!). I called it the Libido Project. My quest brought me to Marnia and the wonderful people here. And man, I sure wasn't expecting this! Over 3 months no orgasm. No more fascination with my penis. No more porn. No more anxiety about our relationship and sex. No more trying to control events in my life. I make choices that feed me and my soul, over those that might please somebody else or attempt to manipulate them (my wife). I give the gift of my love, attention and touch rather than worry about how to get those things. My meditation practice is solid and I am better able to stay present and in the moment. I am less needy and more thankful. My addiction has become my salvation.
I feel like I am always ready to smile.

That's Great!

I'm currently reading "The Power of Now" and learning how to live in the present moment. It's more difficult than what I had originally thought, but then again I'm sure that's just my mind talking...



Definitely. I got really busy over the weekend so I tried it again with a friend of mine. Perfect refresher. It was more intense this time....



the mind does talk. It's in its nature. Just be careful what you listen (give attention) to.
There is illness all around me, and I remain healthy....awesome!!!

Deeply Moved

When I'm watching my thoughts I realize how much I really let in to my life. It's changed a lot about the way I "look" at things. Karezza is much more stimulating to me now as I am fully present when I do it, as opposed to listening to the thoughts constantly stirring in my head. It's so relaxing to just let go...