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2 months clean from porn and masterbation, my ed hasnt cured yet but i read it could take 3 months so my next target is 1st july. had a weird dream last night, ive not watched porn for 2 months but i dreamt about a porn star i used to watch, my brain must be missin it, dam my brain.

Sorry to hear

you're not there yet. Any morning wood? Abatement in other symptoms? Have you tried sex with actual person? What age (roughly) are you?

I'm being nosy only in the interest of science. It's very helpful to be able to pinpoint which groups might take a little longer.

Start a blog if you like.

hard to say

It's hard to say why some guys take longer than others to recover erectile health. Some obvious factors may include:
1- Current Age (younger usually quicker)
2- Length of porn use (longer may mean longer recovery)
3 - Age they started porn (younger means stronger brain wiring for porn)
4 - How often porn was used for masturbation
5 - How many days per week porn was used
6 - How many times per day porn was used
7 - Previous periods of abstinence from porn
8 - The genre of porn needed for masturbation (how shocking or disturbing it was for that person)
9 - Sensitivity of the brain (genetics, childhood traumas)
10- Type of masturbation used - "death grip", prone position

That's all I could come up with off the top of my head. Just know, you will eventually reach your goal of erectile health.

maybe lack of experience

maybe lack of experience with women, porn is alls ive known really and the addiction has ruined alot of potential relationships, ye ve read most of the stuff on the site, i keep goin back to it helps me stay focused.

Well, for what it's worth,

I really admire you younger guys who tackle this. The older men have some sense of pre-Internet porn normalcy - in terms of mood and performance. You guys, on the other hand have only really known the slide into desensitization.

It takes true grit to look for an unknown experience, with so little to guide you. I hope you see some really positive signs soon.

*big hug*