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Just wondering whether my porn addiction could be causing any prostate problems. Ive had this problem since i first ejaculated thats when it started, i strain at the end of urinating like i cant empty the last bit of urine. i also leak after ive been. Will me having weak erections (never had a proper erection in my life) affect my pelvic muscle strengh? When i google this the pelvic thing seems to come up alot. I tried to forget about this problem and concentrate on my recovery but its annoyine me. thanks

question: do you sit on a

question: do you sit on a chair and watch porn while you MB? if so this can put undo pressure on the prostate gland as well.
think about it, most love making positions naturally aren't sitting positions. Also for now until you take a break from MB you can try prostate tapping. You take your fingers and touch them to your thumb and then tap at the bottom of your sacrum (from midline about three finger width out). when you tap it should be contacting the lower bones or sacrum down on your Butt. Do this standing and preferrably when you go to the bathroom. You may feel like your getting a prostate exam when you do this. Its the vibration force that affects the prostate and after doing this for two-four days in a row or even a week consistantly you should see results. Oh btw switch hands and do both sides. I've had prostatitis several times and this helps it because its like a vibrational way of doing prostate massage.

Never get a full erection

Never get a full erection when masterbating either, i used to rush every time i did it and only get hard when i was cumin so ive probably conditioned myself this way, because maintaining without touch is impossible. ye i was used to sit down aswell, when i stand up nd try its worse. wish my parents had told me masterbation was evil when i was younger.


it's not "evil." It's just easy to overdo it and numb your brain. I still hope you'll bounce back. If you've noticed even slight improvements then the chances are good that you're on the right track.