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Hello all

First of all thanks to everyone here for sharing, all your stories and contributions are of great help to men like myself.

My story – I’m 33 and have been masturbating regularly for a long time. I think I started fairly young around 12 or 13 but did not do so regularly of course, b/c privacy was not very regular, parents, siblings etc. But I can remember 10 to 12 years ago when I discovered internet porn – old dial-up was mostly just pictures – I got hooked.
It is almost insane what is available on the web now compared to 1999!

Anyway, last year I was going through some counseling and stuff due to DWI that I got in 2009. A lot of what was talked about was addiction to substances, and is very similar to what YBOP videos talk about. I did realize at that time that I was using PMO to “get high” as it were. And this became more and more my “drug” of choice because I had to give up drinking, and pot.
Well when I was done with my court obligations I kept up my PMO habits and ended up meeting a girl. That led to ED issues only during sex. And ultimately that led me here. I had read articles in psychology today (Marnia I think) and was aware that I needed to do something; ie. stop, cut down.

I have been able to abstain before but only for 20 to 30 days. I attempted it again a couple of weeks ago. I had no porn for 2 weeks, but after week one I was horny and masturbated on the weekend. After that, the second week became harder for me to stay on course. I could not stop looking at clothed, bikini, model pics etc. And last weekend I had a relapse into masturbation with internet porn. I know it is an addiction for me, and I need to attempt a reboot. So far I’m on day 3 no PMO. I know I can do this, but I also know it is not easy.

My fisrt post

Yeah, sounds like

you know what you're up against, and have a very powerful incentive. Sad Hope you recover soon.

I've enabled you to blog, so you can track your progress. Also check out the FAQs and Tools on YBOP. We've been trying to document a lot of the good ideas that people here recommend over there.

Good luck to you.