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7 days of no PMO and I binged today. Been reading here for months but never posted. Thought I post today since I'm feeling pretty down after the binge. I'm not giving up. Today starts day 1....again. Also a quick question. Has anyone avoided PMO for 4 months and not get their erections back?


Sorry about the binge. Sad It happens. Did you read the relapse tips?

No, I don't know of anyone who avoided PMO for 4 months and didn't get their erections back. I've known of a couple who went over two months, but that's rare. One of those guys posted a huffy post declaring that rebooting didn't work...and a few weeks later came back and said it HAD worked after all. Wink That was nice of him.

Thank you

Thanks for your reply Marnia as well as the link. Thats good to hear that no one didn't get their erections back after abstaining. I think I might have binged because I felt nothing down there this morning....I mean NOTHING. So I decided to "test". I should have known better as others have said that that was bound to happen, this testing thing. With your response, I will give it a better go this time and hopefully it'll work for me. I've been dealing with this for so many years....I'm 35 now. I have no time to waste. Thanks again.

Feel free to

PM 'grey12,' 'likeanidiot' and 'Piper' (you can search for their user pages)

They are all your age or older and have recently been through this same transformation.

It always takes longer than everyone thinks it will. And a period of NO LIBIDO and 'shriveling, lifeless penis' is unfortunately normal. All it means is that your brain is healing. When your brain comes back it'll be making normal levels of dopamine (and other) receptors and neurochemicals.