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Little background. I'm 21 years old. I've had sex a few times, but my frequent masturbation (nearly once a day since 14-15, I can't remember,) gave me all the symptoms and effects of porn addiction.

It took me until now to really think about it and after watching some videos it was clear that was the problem.

I went five days with no P/MO but today I relapsed.

I had a stronger erection than ever but it's stilla relapse.

Anyone have tips/tricks to help deal with P/MO?

I had been insanely horny the past five days and it was a challenge to make it past three.

It's affecting my social life as I've had the oppurtunity to have sex with many girls but I just go soft .

me too

I've posted a lot here. That's my situation. I had problems long before porn, and I believe the daily masturbation habit has something to do with it.

Sorry you're struggling.

Today's porn is really drug-like in its effects on some brains, and that's where erections arise. Sad

There are lots of tips on YBOP. Some people have good luck with running very cold water over their genitals to ease the urge. But it's also important to be content with *any* progress at first. Five days is a really good start.

I think you might like to PM this guy for some tips: Here is a little bit about his rebooting journey:

There are also good tips here:

And "Uncle Bob" always has good advice, too:

Did you check out the FAQs? They may also be useful:

I'll enable you to blog, so you can tell us what works for you.

I've been trying to cut down

I've been trying to cut down on MO for a couple of months now. It took me about a month to get past two or three days. After that I seemed just to fall into a pattern of masturbating every couple of weeks, which I'm ok with. I slipped up a couple of days ago masturbating maybe three days after my last orgasm (triggers of boredom and stress) but feel like I am back on track now. The main methods I used were keeping myself busy and spending as much time as possible with others. Porn has never entered the equation for me, but I don't think that that will make a huge difference in this case.

Hugs katten


I noticed he wrote "frequent masturbation ... gave me all the symptoms and effects of porn addiction". I read that as he didn't really have much of a porn problem. I believe that a masturbation habit combined with imagination and fanstasy can be almost as bad as porn. I had noticable ED problems at 17, and didn't start watching porn until 22. Of course after that, it seemed porn provided me a way to get much more sexual pleasure, and I did get hooked somewhat. It seemed to make a very bad situation get a little worse for me.

There's some logic to this

After all, dopamine is also released with porn-free masturbation, orgasm and fantasy, and it's easy to get hooked on it...especially if you have a sensitive brain and a vivid imagination. Wink

It's just really easy for many more people to get hooked on Internet porn. It's "too easy" to override your normal satiety as Jake said recently. That apparently encourages your brain to lay down more permanent wiring so you remember this "valuable" activity. Smile