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I'm 25 and like many I've been using the internet and masturbation together since I was 12. Until a few years ago I just used sexy images and my imagination but since I made the move to porn things just really began to escalate. Thankfully I came across your site earlier this year and the information has helped me in understanding what is actually going on. Unfortunately over the past few months I've found myself in a cycle which I'm really struggling with. The cycle is as follows

1- 2-3 weeks without PMO
2- Decide to just 'check' a porn site to see whats new, then end up succumbing and climaxing.
3- I will spend the rest of the week looking a porn on and off until I start getting resistant and need to look at harder stuff.
4- Around this time I realize how deep into the rabbit hole I am and pledge to quit again.

Going without a few weeks is relatively easy for me but the problem is even one week feels like a really long time and my determination starts to fade because I think I've already 'won'. Then eventually I come across a trigger, a sexy scene on tv or something and my primitive brain gets prepped and with little resistance I log-on to the net and get off.

My first priority is to simply cut the porn so I'm considering the notion of just masturbating without porn the second I start to consider it.

Also my reasons for wanting to quit are
- My mood plummets, I get easily annoyed with people
- It puts me in a one track state of mind all I can think about is porn
- Disrupts my sleep, when I go to bed I have a kaleidescope of porn in my head

It's annoying to find myself doing the same thing over and over but I keep trying with new strategies until I'm free from this.

Thanks for reading :) any advice would be most welcome!

p.s can you enable blogging for me please :)

You're all set to blog

Your story sounds typical. I think masturbation without porn may work to get you out of the loop. Definitely worth a try.

However, if your brain has really changed, you may need to "reboot" first. The way you can tell is to try the masturbation-without-porn strategy. If it doesn't throw you into a binge, then you're golden. Smile You've found what works for you. Just watch for escalation in terms of frequency.

If you do get thrown into a binge (the chaser effect", then it might be worth rebooting.

You might also find these FAQs helpful:

Let us know how the experiment goes.

Sounds typical of my

Sounds typical of my previous situation and many others I have read up on. YBOP sure has lots of great information to help you get back on track. I think the key is to will yourself to get doing productive and healthy things. It requires you to exert willpower and builds it to help you restrain from urges. Simple things that have helped in my journey include something such as setting a goal "I will clean my room or wash/dry some dishes". Dont underestimate the power of chores! In some way it really gives me a sense of satisfaction and gives me peace of mind. Also, when the urge comes up and you feel your about to enter some site, run to your shower, disrobe, aim shower head at genitals, and hit the cold water button---without warm!!!! This will snap you back into shape!