Pelvic floor tension and ED

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My first post on this forum, so: Hello!

Let me first give you a short introduction. I am 33 years old and suffer from ED for a couple of years. I often have problems getting a complete erection and to keep it. This happens both during masturbation and sex. A pelvic floor therapist has diagnosed that I have a hypertonic pelvic floor. The hypothesis is that a high tension of the plevic floor can lead to ED. For example in this topic the problem is discussed: (ignore the forum :) ). It is well known that weak PF muscles can lead to ED. In my case I should not strengthen the PF muscles but learn to relax them.

I was a regular porn consumer. I also suffer from performance anxiety. I stopped watching porn 10 weeks ago and stopped masturbation one week ago. Now my question. Can hypertonic PF muscles be related to desentization due to frequent porn consumption? I couldn't find much info about the PF and ED on this site. I did however find this:

What is the best strategy? Will abstinence from PMO solve my problem or do I need another approach?


Sounds like a fancy term for unwanted muscle contraction. I don't know the answer to your questions, but I do know the ancient Chinese Daoists reported a number of (possibly related) sexual disorders from too much ejaculation.

If you decide to experiment, let us know how it goes. I've enabled you to blog.

Good luck.

When you say

pelvic floor therapist are you saying someone who does hands-on manipulation of the pelvic floor, as in trigger point work? Maybe find someone who does this type of work as trigger points can be the cause of muscle tension.

There is not a lot of info

There is not a lot of info about this condition with regards to men. It is a well known phenomenon with women.

Wikipedia says the following: "In Pelvic Floor Muscle Disorder the muscles of the pelvic floor remain tightened. Normally these muscles are under voluntary control, but for some excessive tension can develop. Reasons for this are not well known but can be resultant from a natural disposition, learned reaction to stress or pain, trauma, or any combination of these. Excessive pelvic floor tension can result in various problems including frequent urination (due to the bladder's inability to expand) or pain. Treatments involve relaxing the muscles, using medication (such as Tamsulosin), Biofeedback, or physical therapy."

The therapist I have been working with measured the tension with an EMG. I can actually feel the tension of muscles but it is something that's often out of my control. I am in doubt if I should pay attention to the physical side of the problem or should focus on the the mind, under the assumption that "the body follows the mind". Could it be that "rebooting" might be all I need to solve the problem and that there is no physical and mental side of the problem but that it is all coming from the same source?

My choice of words might be a bit simple as english is not my first language. Sorry for that :)

Your English is brilliant

I had a thought. Several men have reported that as they reboot, they don't need to urinate so frequently. That suggests that perhaps some of them had similar tension and it went away. I think it's worth a try to "give it a rest" for a month and see what you notice. The worst week is already behind you. Wink

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