10th day of no PM

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hey everyone, i've just joined this website and thought that i would give everyone an update on how my current spell of abstinence from porn and masturbation is going. I'm a 19 year old male and i have known for some time now that porn and excessive masturbation was causing me a lot of problems in terms of my sexual drive and also in terms of social and health anxiety. Over the past few years i've been searching for people who suffered similar problems to me and i'm so glad i found this website as i thought i was alone. Last year i suffered from really bad health anxiety which i believe was mainly down to my excessive porn and masturbation usage and thankfully after coming through this i began seeing things in a different light and cut down on the 2 majorly. Whenever i have tried to quit i have slipped back into my old ways and returned to porn which gets me down and leaves me feeling helpless and weak, however my last 2 attempts at quitting have been a lot different. About 3 months ago i stopped for 23 days and during this time i felt major improvements however i masturbated without orgasm several times during this period which i felt hindered my progress. My erections were stronger, mentally i was in a better state and i would approach women instead of rejecting their advances as i had done in the past. After this spell unfortunately i slipped back into my old ways of porn and masturbation daily however now i am on the 10th day of abstinence and i feel brilliant and very confident that this time it's different. The 1st few days were really hard for me and i found myself being really down and depressed which may have come as a result of my brain not getting the dopamine levels it was used to, but after that it's been plain sailing. I have noticed significant improvements in my confidence and strangely whenever i stop it seems as though women are a lot more attracted to me and i talk to them a lot more. One problem for me during my abstinence is that i suffer from wet dreams, I have had 2 during this period of abstinence and i obviously can;t control this, but i feel that the longer i stop the less frequent they will become. I am motivated and determined to stop for 10 weeks to reach a full recovery however even after 10 days i have stronger sexual desires for real women and my erections have improved drastically with me now getting morning wood almost every day.
I just thought i would share my progress with everyone to see if they could relate to it and give their stories or offer any advice? This time i am very positive i will overcome this addiction, i've had a few efforts in the past but this time it feels different and i am mentally equipped to overcome all the obstacles in my way.

Glad to have you here

It's great that you've had a taste of the benefits. Every serious attempt helps build a new pathway in your brain, which makes future efforts a bit easier.

I'm glad you realized that the depression wasn't "you," and was just a bit of temporary neurochemical "weather." Wink

Ignore the wet dreams. Yes, I know they can be unsettling and increase impatience...and maybe even make you feel more like relapsing for a couple of days. But trust your body to return to balance. Others have reported that they decrease in frequency after a while. Who knows? They may be serving some purpose that's not well understood.

It's impressive that you figured this out at such a young age. Finding a balance can be a challenge, but it sounds like you'll be able to find willing partners when you've rebooted.

I've enabled you to start a blog in case you prefer that. Keep us posted on your ups and downs.

thank you

it's great to know that people are willing to offer support and insight into this problem i'm so relieved to receive this type of encouragement, thank you so much. Yeah i really feel good and i will start a blog so that i can keep others updated with how things are going, again thanks alot.