Has anyone out there recovered from porn related ED?

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Have any of you out there recovered from porn related ED? I have read a lot of success stories, but do you ever get COMPLETELY back to normal? Also, is it a long term success (i.e. you are able/ desiring to have sex regularly) or is it just a one or two time thing and then you have to wait another two months to reboot?


My sexual experiences in college were horrifying... total inability to have any kind of erection while making out, etc., very low libido. I didn't know what was wrong with me but I knew it wasn't good. I was aware of being completely unable to relax my PC muscles when I would be with a girl. Of course, I could masturbate quite easily... and did so very often, usually with visual aid. From around age 22-24 I stopped all porn and masturbation. Now I have not a trace of any kind of ED. I am now just kind of disgusted when I see pornography, even scantily clad women on magazine covers... boring! Hrd to believe it ever had any effect on me. I am very sexually healthy now and have very strong, long lasting erections with very little encouragement necessary.

I can't think of anything I've done for my own health and well-being that tops giving up porn and masturbation. It is soooo totally worth it. Not that you should never touch yourself again... I find the male deer exercise to be one of the best ways to wake up in the morning. You just have to get completely out of your head when it comes to sex- no fantasy! Be present and relaxed... preferably with a loving partner.

Thanks for sharing! The

Thanks for sharing! The recovery process is difficult, and I find the hardest part for me is believing that it is really possible for me to return to normal. It is truly inspiring and motivating though to hear stories like yours. Do you have any tips or advice? Anything that you did to help with recovery (i.e. diet, exercises, vitamins, supplements etc.)?

I don't think I could make

I don't think I could make any specific diet/supplement recommendations for recovery... don't let that kind of stuff distract you from the real difficulty, which is a matter of discipline and self-control. I eat pretty well though... definitely don't eat junk food/preservatives/GMO/etc. But that goes for everyone!

I will say that any substance abuse pattern one might have is probably wired up with bad sexual habits and controlling one will tend to help with the other. For me, alcohol was a big one... recovery was much quicker and easier once I stopped drinking. Cleaning up in general seems to be part and parcel of cleaning up sexually.

Maybe it goes without saying, but finding a supportive and loving partner is far more helpful than any kind of exercise/vitamin regime!

Definitely read all you can

Definitely read all you can about PC muscles and make it priority #1 to become very well acquainted with yours... it's very important to cultivate a lot of awareness of any and all tension in your pelvic floor and all sensations there related to sex/masturbation (which is why it is important not to fantasize while masturbating!)


Fantasy and masturbation were a way of life for me, for many many years. It's interesting how several people here intuitively know that it can lead to trouble.