Day 10 Update

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So today is day 10 for me. The aching balls has subsided, which is welcome because it was a bit bothersome. I am waking up to morning erections...not 100% but I would say about 60-70% erect. Funny thing is , it's only that way when i'm still half asleep. Once I'm fully awake it tends to subside. Woke up feeling kinda horny which is great, but then I messed up. I knew I shouldn't have done it , but I went to a porn website and saw two videos. The last time that happened I ended up binging. This time I just watched without M or O and quickly clicked it off. I hope I didn't mess up any of the gains, if any, that I acquired in these last 10 days. That's it for now.

Glad the balls have settled down

Smile Try to stay away from those cues. Better to masturbate to sensations than to watch porn, even without masturbating. Believe it or not, Internet porn is a stronger hit of dopamine than masturbation for most folks. Since you want your brain to return to balance, "less is more."

Nice job getting to ten days, BTW!

I will try

Thanks Marnia. So do you think by watching the porn I have backtracked a bit? Also the ball ache came back this afternoon. That was weird. I thought it had already passed.

I suspect

the porn watching has something to do with the ache in the balls. Smile It'll settle down again.

What's done is done. Don't worry about it. Just keep going.

Update 12 Day No PMO


I just wanted to update my situation....I hope it's helpful to others because when I read other people's experiences it helps me too. So the last time I went 10 days no PMO as you can see from my post above, I relapsed on the same day or the next day. Sorry, I'm not keeping track as closely as I should be. Just don't want anyone to think I"m making things up lol.

So after I believe 10 days, I watched P and O. I did it twice that day and then went back on a new streak. If my counting of days is correct, this is my 12th day no PMO. I think I can go longer this time (fingers crossed). I'm actually getting the flu like symptoms I hear people talk about. That is unless I just came down with something, I'm not sure. Anyways, I've been waking up in the morning with raging hard-ons the past two days. Like before, it would subside as soon as I"m fully awake. The erections are so strong that I think it's actually waking me up (I'm not complaining). I really hope I'm on the way to recovery. During the day, I'm not getting any kind of erections although females do seem more attractive to me when I see them on the streets or in school. So that's it for now, gonna keep chugging along. And thanks to everyone who continues to post their experiences, it really helps alot to be able to come here and see how everyone is doing and it keeps me motivated to continue this. Thanks.

Sorry you're

feeling icky. It it's withdrawal related, it usually passes pretty quickly. A true "man flu." Smile

Congratulations on getting to 12 days. Bravo!

Keep those hard-ons going!

I get the same thing. My

I get the same thing. My erections are only strong after waking up. It makes it difficult to stimulate for hours at night, then sleep all night, or go for hours in the morning. What I propose is the following: go to sleep immediately without any sex or masturbation. Then when you wake up in the middle of the night, take a piss, then stroke till your erection weakens. Then go back to sleep, and stroke again after you wake up again. this way you will have many of those morning wood scenarios.

I don't get it

It seems as though you are not aware of the basic concepts of rebooting the brain to recover from porn addiction or porn-induced ED. Have you visted your brain on porn and watch my videos, or read any of the material? Your advice to stroke day and night would be counter productive to rebooting the brain.

In addition, you did not read my answer to your question on blue balls/organ size - on your post here - -

So, what's up?

I"m trying not to

Yea, it sucks that the strong erection is only in the morning while I'm still half asleep, but I'm not doing stroking of any kind. I'm just noticing it and then letting it die down. I'm not stroking it at night either. I mean sometimes I can't help but have my hand down there out of habit, but I'm trying to refrain from touching it as much as possible. So far at night, I haven't had any problems resisting masturbation. I might be going through the flat-line phase. Hope to be able to report more positive news in the near future.