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I have always had a back in the thought of my mind that I was addicted to porn, but I figured 3 or 4 times a week; nothing major. I have read so much and all of it has opened my eyes to my addiction. So this is DAY 1 of my abstinence from porn and masturbating. But, the question I have is that an orgasm received from another partner through oral sex fine for the process in recovering from my addiction? Will receiving oral sex hinder my recovering process? I say oral sex because I have not been able to have sex with my girlfriend for months due to the fact that I can not even get a solid erection to put a condom on.

I am so glad I found this website, honestly.

Hey Sync

Glad you're finding the information helpful.

Loving attention is great, but the rebooting concept is about avoiding porn/masturbation and orgasm until your brain returns to normal sensitivity (which can take weeks). So maybe a *little* friendly oral sex will be okay...but don't go anywhere near orgasm. Better yet, play with some of these daily Exchanges instead:

Read about rebooting here if you haven't:

Start a blog if you like.

Trying to understand

Hi I"m just trying to u can get an erection if the girl performs oral but just can't get an erection for intercourse? I'm just wondering how that could be. My situation is worse, no erection for either.


Thank you Marnia that answered my question perfectly.

Most of the time I can't get a full erection when my girlfriend is giving me oral, but there have been random times when I get solid erections and even my girlfriend was surprised how hard I was. When I do get hard from oral, and we tried to have intercourse it was not successful. I could not keep the solid erection for a mere 10-15 seconds to go get the condom and put it on. I hope that answered your question.