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I have two sex nights with karezza, but today i was in the bathroom making pee and i liquid some semen is this normal? and previous to that i felt like a sensattion in my genitals like an urgency to realese my semen.
What do u say?

Don't worry

If you get close to the edge and fight yourself hard enough, the semen flows into the urine. Not ideal, but quite common among those using forceful techniques for semen control, I'm told.

Just keep things slow and easy. Smile


You're doing just fine, nothing to be worried about. You want to sing a new song and your body is used to the same old one. "I'm a semen you want me to do what??" You CAN train an old dog to do new tricks, it will just take time. One of your core evolutionary programs is trying to assert itself. The good news is your body can be retrained and persistence is the key.

It was the same for me in the beginning. I can look back now and say without a doubt it was one of the best commitments I have ever made in my life. The rewards are immeasurable.


It would be wonderful if you would one day write about how karezza has changed your daily life or life in general (such as, what type of thoughts do you have now, how do you feel most of the time, do you ever think about masturbating, etc.)

I think the men here would be amazed to find how much more peaceful their lives can be, while still getting *plenty* of action, lol.