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Greetings... My first post here. My wife and i are practicing Karezza about 3 or 4 month. We are married about 17 yeas, two kids. I had a vasectomy about 8 years. Some times while we are practicing Karezza i leak a bit of prostate fluid but with no orgasmic sensations. Is this a kind of cheating that invalidate our Karezza practice ? We are doing all this with almost no theoretical study. I read some sites all over the Internet and a lot of content of this Reuniting site... But this i do not consider enough. Well, any advice is welcomed. Regards.


No to fluid leaking, or precum, invalidating Karezza. That's normal. It's what happens in the brain that matters. Marnia will have more to say, but we recommend reading our book, the Richardson's books - this one is quite good - "Tantric Sex for Men: Making Love a Meditation", and reading the widsom sections of this site.

My partner is very leaky, too.

Sometimes it's a veritable puddle of crystal clear fluid, super slippery . . . I want a word as pretty as Amrita for it, but I can't find one if there is one.


Goddesses like inspiring men to conquer dragons.


I assumed Amrita was a word for the *combination* of the clear, super slippery fluid from him and from me combined...we both put out a lot of liquid...it goes together to make a wonderful never-ending lubrication (which does puddle).




Welcome ttsoares and thanks

Welcome ttsoares and thanks for posting on karezza. My wife and I are a few months into experimenting with it also.

My experience is similar to what Gary said, it's the brain that matters. My brain can outrun physical sensations, so things may get "warm" and then my brain starts looking for hot (orgasm). The key for me has been learning to learn where to slow down before I reach that point. Physically my reaction can be opposite my brain. I may be very physically aroused, but my head is fine and just enjoying the moment.

This is the learning part for me and it's going pretty well so far. But I know it will take time to really understand my body (and my wifes).