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First goal:
Create some major headings. What would you like to see?

Here's our initial list:

Porn Recovery
Finding a Partner
Other Topics

Hi Marnia, My $0.02; these

Hi Marnia,
My $0.02; these seem like the right three topics. Could "porn recovery" also be named "re-booting experiences"? Are they the same thing? The re-booting blogs seem to range from simply kicking porn addiction to dropping PMO and recovering from ED problems.
Creating a bucket for "Finding a partner" posts seems like a good idea. I guess it is a natural next step from "porn recovery/re-booting" for many people.

I think it's an excellent idea

We did that in an earlier version of the site. Called "Soulmate Search." But it was too frustrating for the people involved with so little traffic. Now, it's a bit more realistic. I think your title is also less loaded and therefore better.

It's on the list! Wink

Hi Marnia

I think your site is a great resource and can only applaud efforts to make it even better. Creating structure that enables everyone to find their topics of interest easily is definitely a good thing. I struggled a bit in the past to find items that interested me among the seemingly endless porn recovery threads before you separated the Karezza threads. I truly feel for those struggling with porn addiction and believe they need a place here but Sacred Sexuality and Karezza are so much more than that. I think your major heading list is good and you can add sub headings that follow the major themes. I am particularly interested in sacred sex practices and the science that backs it up. Very much enjoy interacting with like minded people here and sharing what works.


we hope to do much better this time around. We're using YBOP as a model, so there will be lots of FAQs, featuring lots of insights from folks like you. Smile I just copied one of your posts onto the new "What do men say about karezza?" page, in fact. We'll plan to leave space for comments, too, so you can tell us what to update as new insights flow in.

Just wondering~

In the updated forum, will the karezza threads automatically get separated (instead of someone having to manually do it?).

It would make it easier on everyone if they could somehow automatically get tagged or marked~!


At the moment

we're thinking of a required drop down menu choice...with only about 6-8 choices. Preferably each will have a symbol, so that people could both sort and spot things by symbol. But we have to see what's possible when the site's updated. Right now we're trying to work out whether to update the current mess first Smile and then reorganize, or vice versa.

Any experts out there?


How about a single library with all attachments and links in some organized manner. Can the site automatically build an index of some kind?

Related to that perhaps a sub-category that is a place for people to list books/e-books they are willing to lend either by posting or by e-lending.