How can I tell my boyfriend?

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My boyfriend has been watching porn on a regular basis (probably about every 1-2 days) since he was a kid and thinks it is perfectly normal and not a problem at all. He is Japanese, so he justifies it with his culture. He neither watches very hardcore porn nor does he have ED. Trying to explain him why I think porn doesn't do us or even just him a favour has been very hard and I would like some advice from anybody who had or has porn addiction what was the convincing argument that made them want to change their behaviour. Thank you!!

Welcome MJ

I don't know the answer. I think most guys here quit because they hit a wall. The surprise is that by the end of recovery, most are glad they hit it because life is so much better.

Maybe you could ask him to try a two month experiment, and if he doesn't like the results he can go back to it.