limitations of Yin/Yang perspective . . .?

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(1) I'd be very interested in exploring the spiritual nature of Masculinity and Femininity (and its practical relationship to the Divine) with anyone who finds (from personal experience) the "Yin/Yang" perspective about it to be significantly mis-conceived.

(2) That perspective, as popularized by writers such as David Deida (Hindu-based) and Mantak Chia (Daoist-based), is currently the basis of most "sacred sexuality"in the West.

(3) It's pretty much taken as gospel about Men and Women -- how often do you ever see anyone question it?

(4) But what if, in fact, it isn't so obvious?

(5) That would really be sending a lot of people off in the wrong direction . . . wouldn't it?

Diablo Feel free to email me if this intuitively touches something in your own experience . . .

Thanks (!)