Dating/Starting relationships in the middle of a reboot?

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I know there are many trying to reboot from a porn addiction who don't currently have partners. Yet, in many ways being with an intimate partner is the "acid test" for finding out whether the reboot was actually successful.

I'm curious if anyone has dated and/or started a relationship in the middle of a reboot. Did it help you or hinder you? Did you talk to the potential partner beforehand about your reboot? Did you keep your reboot going completely (no O) or start having orgasms with your partner (with no P or M) or something else?

The bottom line question is this: I'm two weeks in (of a potential for 8 weeks or longer) to the reboot. Should I hold off on any dating or not?

I had a date this weekend

and last weekend with women who were completely willing to be sexual with me. I experienced ED on both occasions, and it was of course very embarrassing, demoralizing, etc. Today is day 47 of my reboot. I have wanted a relationship for the last 10 months, and these two dates were literally the ONLY action I have had on the relationship front in this time. Rebooting is probably helping my dating, it looks like. And there's no question that when I get morning wood it's stronger than I can ever remember in my life, and I'm 36. I'm not the typical victim of porn induced ED, I don't think; tho porn definitely has screwed me up badly. I don't yet know exactly what is the ultimate cause of my ED; it is surely in part porn related but I don't think that's the whole story. Regardless, I intend to never masturbate or look at porn again in my life. I am going to keep being with women until I am completely healed of ED. I think this will largely hinge upon finding the right woman for me. I'm not sure that I am, or ever will be, emotionally capable of casual sex, tho I wish I were. I intend to be as proactive as possible in being with women, with the intention of finding a life partner. Since I intend my reboot to be perpetual I will find thru experience just how and when I manage to heal my ED.

I'm surrounded !!

I am always around or talking to women.. the more and more I go into the rebooting process the better it gets.. Like when I first start out. its just casual hi n bye, then it turns into convos, and when the weeks go on, it turns into deep convos and more.. it has its progress as well..

Good luck

Hey, saw your blog and

Hey, saw your blog and wanted to let you know about my experience. I O'd with my girlfriend 2 weeks into the reboot, and again at 4, I can say that it did slow down my recovery, especially since the second O, I've been dead down there. It's just not worth the risk man, both times were lame anyways cuz I didn't get a full or "worry free" erection. No P and no M for me tho. Keep strong