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I believe I suffer from porn-induced ED, so I haven't PMO (as you folks call it) in about 4 days. Anyway, I'm not going to bore you with the usual story.

I was reading through some of the posts, and I watched the mini-series. The science teacher spoke about high-fattening food that spikes our dopamine. And from what I understand- if we're trying to recover from porn-induced ED, we have to abstain from PMO, so that we balance our dopamine levels.

So, I guess my question is this- are we also supposed to abstain from high-fattening foods that spike our dopamine levels, if we're trying to keep dopamine down? Or are we simply talking about abstaining from PMO, and the scientist was only correlating the two for easier understanding?

I'll have a couple of more questions, but this one is the most important. I'm not exactly the healthiest person, so I'd like to know what I need to do.

NOPE!! just think like a Paleo..

Eat like our ancestor's .. meat, veggies, bread, and fruit's.. the "high fatty foods" are the chocolates, french fries (fast food), and sugary cola's and drinks.. these things make PMO allot harder to manage!! but the fat inside meat, and the skin of animals are very beneficial for you! full of nutrients and fat's that will keep your body healthy.. water is great as well!! keep yourself hydrated while all other drinks tend to dehydrate you! also if you have a sugar craving, try eating a fruit! it really hits the spot, and if you have a craving for something fatty!! try a big juicy steak with some mashed potatoes (with the skin) and green beans!! meals like this will keep you focused, strong, and fit!! goodluck to you


The "scientist" was just

The "scientist" was just correlating junk food and porn for understanding as both are extreme versions of natural rewards. Over-consumption of either one can cause brain changes that mimic, in many ways, drug addiction. Research has been done on the brains of food addicts, gambling addicts, and video game addicts - and all show addictive changes.

That said, all addictions appear to have overlapping mini-circuits within the reward circuitry. Which means we will find less pleasure, or crave more stimulation, if we have a serious addiction.

For example, a meth addict will find very little pleasure in everyday activities due to low dopamine signalling. An obese person will also have less reward activation in response to everyday "fun" stuff, but nowhere near as bad as a meth addict. From all reports, a similar desensitization to other everyday experiences occurs with porn addiction

This overlap in dopamine signalling also explains how one reward stimulus might create cravings for another. For example, alcohol use among former smoker triggers cravings for a cigarette. They amplify one another's affects on the reward circuit.

Another example is pigging out on junk food, and craving more stimulation, such as porn. In this case, the dopamine low after all that junk food leaves you wanting something to jack up your dopamine.

Bottom line:

Don't worry about "fattening foods" slowing your recovery, as dopamine spikes are normal events that happen continuously throughout the day. Just avoid PMO. However, many men find that improving their diet reduces cravings and possible relapses. A note: We suggest not tackling more than one addiction at a time.