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I am here to recover from porn and masturbation addiction. I am 34 years old male and have been using porn for last 15/16 yrs. I never realized when it became an addiction, but it has been impacting all aspects of my life. I seem to have lost all sensation and seem to be losing interest.
I have been visiting this forum for the past few months and I have also watched videos of the your brain on porn, I am interested in the rebooting process. I would like to consider today as day 1.

I would appreciate and welcome all sorts of help in this journey.

Your in the right place.

Your in the right place. Your experience and displeasure have paralleled mine. From personal experience I've been to days around 30 and they have been the best times of my life in recent years. It's important in my opinion to keep in mind why your doing this and remembering at the same time the hardships this addiction carries. Hope to hear from you on how day 2 has been going.