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Looking back, I think maybe I spent the past 25 years or so having intense fantasies and horniness for much of the day. I only used porn for a year or maybe a year and a half of that time. But back then, after a trip to the mall, or to any social gathering, I would have "saved" some images in my mind which I could use for M-ing purposes. Long, vivid, lurid, steamy fantasies just filling my head. A sex catalog. Lust really hijacked my mind.

These days (day 77) I go to the mall and I find I still have the habit to look, to ogle, but it just feels strange. Part of the reason it feels strange is because I generally go into a breathing exercise whenever it happens. I just take some deep breaths and sort of try to make sure "nothing happens." To make sure I don't get aroused or excited. I'm trying to avoid going sex-crazy, I guess.

But I'm starting to worry just a little bit that maybe I'm backing up a little to far. In other words, am I avoiding enticement just a little too stringently? Don't I want to find women arousing?

Maybe I'm babbling, but I would like to hear your thoughts on this.


Congrats on day 77. You're

Congrats on day 77. You're like my senior =].I think you should ogle your eyes out! It's like looking at a beautiful art piece except you don't need to go any further than that. Stay present and enjoy the sensations you get without spiraling into a fantasy. Just my opinion though as I love to look at women. Pardon
Strive for optimal efficiency!

I like

this advice. Admiring looks are great. Friendly contact is even better. Wink

If your fantasies are leaving you restless and stressed, then cut back.

I guess

I was worried about ogling because In the past it was from that immediately to intense fantasy with the other person as the main character. Lately when I catch myself going into that mode I have tried changing to fantasies of just making out with the person or having karezza with them. This is highly arousing, but I guess I still worry about the fantasy overstimulation vs. reality problem.

Why, I didn't say...

...I'm sort of in transition right now. Living on a couch. Just got certified to enter a new profession. Applying for lots of jobs. I don't know where I will end up working / living, so I've kind of put that on hold. I should "live somewhere" in about a month. Then I will feel ready to engage. [wink]