Day 25 No Masturbation or Porn, has anyone here had their libido return?

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Hey guys, first post here.

I masturbated to porn about 3 times daily in 2008 and 2009, then that lowered to about once a day in 2010. All of this was to porn, and I realised after a failed sexual encounter that my libido had completely gone. I can achieve full erections with manual stimulation so i'm pretty sure that's not the problem, but I'm desperate for my libido to return.

After initially recognizing the problem I cut down to a couple of times weekly but having discovered this site decided to completely quit 25 days ago and haven't relapsed. When I first cut down over about 6 months I noticed slight improvements but still nowhere near where I want to be, I'm serious about quitting this time and I refuse to let this addiction destroy my life any further, so if quitting really will help, I won't relapse. I've noticed a slight improvement so far but I'm yearning for some more substantial results - I feel as if my life has no purpose.

How long does it usually take before a full recovery of libido? Has anyone experienced this?
What exactly is 'edging'?
Just how much do sexual fantasies slow the recovery process?

Any answers would be much appreciated, thanks guys!


From your questions it seems as though you haven't visted -

Have you visited this link at yourbrainonporn?
If not, do so, as it answers almost all your questions. Start with the first few links. Read the accounts of others - the last 10 links on the page.

Have you watched - Erectile Dysfunction and Porn?

How long this takes depends on many things, but 25 days is rarely enough. This link is on that same page, "How long will it take?"

Edging is on the FAQ page also -
It is masturbating without orgasm, which slows the recovery process.

Cutting back on porn/masturbation doesn't appear to work with ED. The easiest and fastest path is complete abstinence for both. You are already through the roughest part. Your job now is to be patient.

Congrats on Day 25

Everyone is different. Things do shape up after a while, but I think a lot of people feel like their libido is completely gone before they begin to notice some hints of [insert first few notes of Indiana Jones Theme here] A Mighty Resurgence!

Seriously though, it will take some down time and some serious self-control to let your body take care of itself. Don't interfere by testing etc. and you will see improvements.

Intense fantasies will probably just make it harder for you to resist old stimuli, and I think they slow down recovery. I stopped watching porn for about 8 months and instead just read ridiculously erotic stories, figuring non-visual stimulation would be fine. (This was before I found this site.). I didn't really experience any improvement until I landed here and started the full reboot. I think any kind of hyperstimulation will set you back. (I'm on day 77 now. Things are going well.)

Stick with it. It's worth it.

^I've found the main Indy

^I've found the main Indy music that's been the most appropriate on 'the journey' so far has been:

Still awaiting the "duh-d-du-durrr, dut-du-durr" bit, but looking forward to it. :)

Good to see you're doing well, etgalore! Stick at it, easypeasy, I'm on Day 21 and have noticed some small but reassuring changes, nothing MAJOR yet but one must ALWAYS persist. Wink