Just saying hello

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Today's step for me is just signing up - it took me a long time to find something like this place, and I am very hopeful it will help - very glad to be here, looking forward to meetin you all.

re bingeing

i can understand how difficult it is to stop when one is in a 'binge' phase. even the way you said it is against your own will, yet feeling compelled to do it. thoroughly understand you. though im only beginning the path of healing for this, may i offer this idea to you: to bring consciousness and awareness in even if you do keep doing it. and maybe try not punishing or feeling guilty about doing it, even if you keep doing it for now. because as it says in the articles written on this site, the guilt energy becomes a factor in increasing the pull of the addiction...it doesnt help in getting over it at all! you might as well practise forgiving yourself everyday, and connect with heart every day, even if you keep 'bingeing' for now. letting go of self-hatred lessens the allure of porn...strange but true. remember, there must be millions of porn viewers out there and out of millions i find so few on sites like this one, who like yourself have the courage and integrity to be facing up to yourself, to even see that there is a problem! i wish you well, please wish me well also as im struggling as well, im sure many of us are. pardon the shocking punctuation and grammar folks, was written in haste.