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Day 85.

Feeling weak, dull, bored.

The loneliness is catching up with me. I've been out of a relationship for two years. I am living on a couch. I am studying a highly abstract subject and taking almost no joy from it.

Sometimes I go to the mall just to see people walking around.

I miss making out.

I don't think I will ever be the same. I don't think I will ever be back to what I considered normal. That might be ok, actually, but it is hard to accept such things.

Ok, I just wanted to say something. I'm sure I'll feel shiny again soon.


Hey dude do you work out?

Hey dude do you work out? If not, DO IT. New hobby. Side goal: Become the best you can be physically. It will help your mood, energy and speed recovery. If you do not like the subject of study, quit. Why waste your life money and time. Only so much time.