Rebalancing and PE?

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I am a porn addict and have gone 7 days without porn, orgasm, and mostly without masturbation. I have edged twice, but have taken steps to stop. Now my laptop is in plain view of other people, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. :)

I have tried stopping before, and went two weeks before I had sex. When I did, I lasted literally about 6 seconds. This was strange since when I was on porn, my mind was numbed to stimulation and I could go longer before, but I also had problems getting aroused. If I go the full two months without PMO, am I going to have serious PE problems? Is this common for other men? Do I just have to stick it out and build stamina afterwards?

Rebalancing and PE?

Hey man,

I am on day 9 of my recovery. I slipped up and MOed today (thankfully with no Porn or fantasies) and maybe lasted two minutes at most. I'm concerned about lasting as well because when I PMO I can last longer but also have a hard time getting stimulated. I wish I could provide you with some advice or tips but I just wanted to let you know that your not alone.

From what I've read with other blogs, this happens to other people as well. I'm planning on going 90 days (rough estimate as to how long I'll need before my reboot is complete. Will take longer if I feel necessary) and then trying to work on building up my ability to avoid O and last longer. I don't want to encourage anyone to MO and risk a relapse. My approach is simply what I feel I need to go do before trying to work on controlling myself and avoiding PE. Hopefully I'm not wrong in my approach and hopefully this helps you.