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I came here for the first time last week --- it helped for a short time, but now I've relapsed. All week I've been looking at porn, can't stop using it. I work in an office by myself, there are no controls on my time.... I can't stop.... Can anybody advise me on what I can do to stop this???

Desperate situation here...

more information needed

Porn is a highly addictive substance. You will not be able to get rid of it at once. What matters is that you keep trying. Each failure is actually a success because it gives you an opportunity to learn a bit more about yourself.

The first thing that you learn is that porn is indeed very addictive: you want to stop but you find out that you can't. It controls you. You cannot lie to yourself about this anymore.

As you keep observing yourself, you learn more and more about how you work, how you react to stimuli, temptations, etc.

At the same time, you need to inform yourself. Learn about what really is happening within your body. Make sure you read the excellent series of articles about porn addiction here:

I assume you are male. Are you single? What age group are you in?

You can make it a habit to come to this forum every day and post something: all the active members of this small community will be happy to assist you the way we can.


We're cheering you on

Another member of the forum who is in recovery found some of the material at this site really helpful:

I'm sending you to one particular page of it, which has some really interesting material about testosterone. Viewing porn raises testosterone, and high testosterone makes you jumpy and impulsive and horny...and domination porn raises testosterone further. In other words, it makes you into a perfect porn customer. This is kind of like putting more nicotine in cigarettes to make smokers addicted faster so THEY become better customers, too. Grim.

Keep striving for your freedom. The less you engage, the more the urge will fade...but be ready for those urges and distract yourself with something that connects you with real people when they arise.

A big hug,