♥How Do You Keep Karezza Warm?

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I'm just wondering in general. How do you make sure your karezza stays in warm and doesn't get too "hot"?

Practice, practice, practice

It took us a few times to really start to get it. Rachel talked about energy and gave me some early tips.

After a while there are things that happen in karezza that are better than orgasm. There is an energy transfer that can be amazing. There is also a relaxation response I get sometimes which is better than meditation.

But that has come from practicing (and what a terrible thing to have to do, lay naked with a beautiful women!)

Even after around four months going it, we still have to watch the heat. When I get deep into karezza I feel everything and the stimulation is amazing. So while intercourse is still allowed, we have to watch it to make sure we don't fall back to our old ways.