The newsletters were being sent twice - apologies

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We would like to apologize to all our newsletter subscribers: for the last 3 months, the newsletter was mistakenly being sent twice to most of you. We would also like to thank those of you who reported the problem.

After investigation, we found out that our service provider's server settings were causing our web site to attempt to send the same batch of newsletters twice. After we had identified them as the likely cause of the problem, we contacted them to rectify the server settings, which they have now done.

For the technically minded only: our hosting provider migrated our web site from one server to another three months ago. At the same time, it also migrated the cron jobs that were responsible for routine administrative tasks, among which is sending the monthly newsletter. The problem is that we were not aware that they had kept the same cron jobs running at the old server, thereby duplicating every task. Our hosting provider has now cleared the settings at the old server.

The newsletters sent to the first few subscribers, which included us, were not sent by the cron job, but by the web application upon publication of the newsletter. Therefore, we were not affected by the problem. That's why we would have remained blissfully unaware of the duplication had some of you not reported the problem.

Once again, we offer our apologies to all the subscribers for the inconvenience.

The site janitor.