Erections while making out lose steam w/actual sex?

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Hi all,
I've been w/out pmo for 13 days and I wanted to know if any of you have had
a similar problem to the one I've had. I'd be w/a girl, we'd be makingout or fooling around w/our clothes on and it
would be passionate, but one the clothes came off and we started to have sex, my erection started to lose steam fast. I mean, is that
related to anxiety, I didn't feel anxious. When kissing, I'd have a raging hardon, but when it came to actual sex, it was a no-go. I did have
the problem many of you have w/porn, I'd be watching it and having to more forcefully grip my penis and escalate the pace as well as
content of porn to get off. If any of you guys have had the same or a similar experience, let me know what you've been able to do to help yourselves.