Porn induced ED

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Ive probably already asked these questions but i like to be reassured that abstaining will solve my problems because sometimes the problems freak me out and i think theres something more worringly wrong with me, if that makes sense. I have two main ED problems, 1- i lose my erection without stimulation instantly and 2- i lose my erection when i stand up. Im searched the net and alot of posts on various sites mention that its porn induced and becuase you mastibate lyin/sittin down.?


I don't know your whole story, but thinking something is worryingly wrong with you will surely make you nervous enough to lose your erections. There's a vicious cycle that occurs when you get so focused on your erection that you think something is terribly wrong with you if it doesn't behave perfectly, or better, or whatever. So, no matter what the problems may be, I'm suggesting one of the main parts of the solution for you is going to be this:

Figure out a way to take the focus off of the problem for a while. No more masturbating just to see if it works. That just deepens the bad groove.

Abstain totally. It works. In the meantime, you need to do things you enjoy. Find out what those are. Also, go outside! It is restorative!