Cuddle Comfort

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I've been interested in the idea of finding a cuddle buddy, and in searching I found this site:

It works just like a dating site, except it's simply for people looking for a cuddle buddy. You can sign up no matter what country you're in, and search for people in your area and a specific age range. Isn't going to work for me unfortunately: there are literally TWO Australian women there, and both are too far away from me. But still, figured it might be useful to some of those who are similarly touch-starved.


I think this is the best solution for folks your age. There's no reason you should have to have casual sex just to get the soothing touch and companionship that flows from the exchange with yin energy. We wrote a post about it: (Not a bad article to send to a female friend to see what she thinks...)

But we also mention it here: "Guys: Where Do You Fall on the Monogamy Spectrum?"