I'm new and going on 21 Days!

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Hi I'm Mr_8. I stumbled up on this site and yourbrainonporn.com last week. I've suffered from anxiety and self confidence issues for much of my life. I had suspected part of it was do to PMO but always felt it was difficult stop. I hooked like a drug addict. Several years ago I had quit for about 3 months and those 3 months I was happier than I had been all my life. I had socialized with people, went on dates with women and was more confident than ever. However...for whatever reason out boredom...or habit...I relapsed. I went down a spiral of depression and even contemplated suicide. Since then it has been a struggle...until now!!!

I am on day 21 being PMO free and I'm not looking back!!! This reboot is working out great...after I got past the 2 weeks stage I started to see the apparent results. Diminished anxiety, more confidence, and even better vocal tonality. I feel like I am becoming normal again...like the person I am suppose to be. Women are noticing me again and I can genuinely have a conversation with them. I feel like I'm connecting with people in generally better. I am even performing better athletically, I feel stronger...faster and sharper. It is as though the fog has been lifted! I'm 29 years old and now I feel like I have the energy that I had in my teens. My goal is to be PMO free for the rest of my life!!! The momentum I feel is stronger than a cheap thrill that PMO brings. I look foward to living and not hiding anymore. Taking back control is the most liberating thing I've felt in such a long time.

Thank you Marnia and Gary having this information out there. I am forever changed as I plan moving forward from here on!

Thanks for sharing your experience

Seems like you had already figured things out for yourself (smart man!), and that YBOP was just the "foot up the bahookie" (as my Scottish friend would say). [bigsmile]

It's great when such "insurmountable" problems turn out to be largely under behavioral control. Lucky you. We suspect there are a lot of Internet porn users out there in the same boat. When they reboot, it's like they peel off a disguise they didn't even know wasn't them. Smile

Anyway, thanks for dropping by. If you want to share more, feel free to start a blog.