Sorry we were off-line

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It seems we exceeded our "Virtual Private Server" capacity. I was checking, but it turns out the graphs are meaningless wallpaper. Since that didn't seem to be the problem as best I could tell, I waited instead of acting. Oooops.

Anyway, we jumped our capacity up, so there should be no problems for a while. The server company says they are working on a way to notify people when this happens. That would be nice.... [skepti]

I think

I'm addicted to reuniting because I went through withdrawals after I couldn't access the site for some time last night. Not kidding!

Is it made by the same

Is it made by the same people that chart unemployment percentages or government debt? Sounds like a case of garbage in, garbage out displayed in a pretty chart. Maybe they'll revise the chart retroactively. For now, you've done some quantitative easing. Servers react more predictably than countries.

Thanks Marnia

Thanks Marnia...I'm feeling pretty good. On day 9 now, feeling positive effects of no PMO. Wow, I went through a nasty chaser binge after the last attempt. Got K9 on my laptop with no way of retrieving password, only way to view porn on my laptop again is to uninstall and reinstall the entire operating system , which takes so long it's not even worth it. Also got a program called SafeBrowser for my phone and it works well. That one is easier to uninstall but i'm trying to show some willpower and not do that (although the temptation is there). Hoping for a full reboot this time.