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Well, after reading Peace between the sheets I am well convinced of the benefits of avoiding orgasm.

Nevertheless, being an addict to it, I tried to find ways to still have it but to avoid its negative effects. Actually I experimented with getting to the emission phase of the orgasm but stopping before the expulsion phase (ejaculation). After taking the matter in my hand I finally managed to do so...

The results were clear: I was still experiencing the negative effects, which included mood swings, feeling not-at-ease etc. etc. From an energetical viewpoint the situation was ok, due to the fact that not ejaculating prevented the typical energy depletion. However, and paradoxically, I believe that the energy not lost to ejaculation actually amplified the negative effects (the day after orgasming I was feeling like crying, which almost never happens to me)! In other words, orgasm without ejaculation in my case seems to be even worse that orgasm with ejaculation.

A further confirmation that the non orgasmic approach is the right one. The challenge now is to get rid of the addiction...


That's very interesting

I think I tried every conceivable "end run" around the "avoid orgasm" concept from the female perspective. It's good to have more evidence of male experimentation. Your experience accords with this guy's, too, for what it's worth.

That being said, if you are without a mate for the moment, don't try to clamp the lid down too tight. I'm not sure either sex can totally control the orgasm reflex without the cooperation of the other. Repression isn't the goal. The goal is moving the sexual magnetism up through the heart in loving exchange.

Realizing that orgasm has drawbacks is just incentive for leaving old habits behind long enough to give something new an honest try. But repression of orgasm for its own sake while single probably won't prove to be totally satisfactory (unless, perhaps, one has the luxury of being in a monastery in Tibet with calm, peaceful energy and lots of meditation and other disciplines to help).

So don't even think of trying to put your fire OUT. Try to use it to nurture another. The planet needs that fire...believe me. You guys are the fuel that moves the elevator upward! We're the yin energy that helps to keep you feeling balanced while you do it.

PS Nice flower!