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Hello, I am trying to quit and just wanted to introduce myself! I have been addicted for a couple of years now, and I am here to quit! So all help would be very much appreciated, what challenges to expect ETC

This is the right section, here's a few ideas.

- Browse the articles on this website and YourBrainOnPorn and post more about yourself afterwards.
- Delete stash
- Destroy all physical porn (dvds magazines)
- Install an internet porn blocker and put it on the strictest settings. Put in a password that you don't have memorized, write it down and put it in a difficult place to retrieve.
- Try to limit computer time and if you experience a trigger or a serious urge then shut off your computer and do a pre-set activity that you will now be your go-to porn replacement activity. Choose something positive and healthy, chess, exercise, eat a salad ect.
- Stop masturbating for as long as you can stand
- If you must masturbate, then do it without porn
- Continually update your blog with your experiences insights
-If you do use porn again, don't give up.
-Do whatever it takes to stay away from porn and do quit masturbating for as long as possible.
-If you do quit masturbating, resist the urge to "test" yourself with porn. That can send you right back into it.


Really short, but it's different at least. Everyone pretty much says the same things just in different ways. Welcome!!! As far as challenges go... DO NOT!!! LISTEN TO YOUR BRAIN!!!! If you're gonna reboot, then do it and nothing else. after two months or so, you can think whatever you want as far as "Does it really work?" or "Should I continue."


You might find it helpful to start your own blog, so you can journal your progress.

Sounds like you're getting lots of good advice already. Smile

Arenas -

Welcome to the club. DC and CF did a good job pointing you in the right direction in your reboot process. You will find everyone here very supportive and encouraging.

I would encourage you to watch and rewatch the YBOP videos. Read and re-read articles at YBOP and read as much of the blogs here too. There are some sharp people here who, when you read their post, will provide valuable insight and info that inturn can and will help you.

Be sure to blog your journey and share what is going on in your reboot. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions. People here want to help and encourage you.

Finally - YOU CAN DO THIS!!!


1 week

Its been one week but I feel great, I feel happier and more confident, and I also feel more attracted to girls that I used to not be attracted to. I have not been very tempted, but I have had been very busy with work and working out. I felt sick almost every morning I woke up this week, not sure if this is due to the withdrawals or maybe I have just been not getting enough sleep. Thanks so much for the advice all of you... I don't have time to watch the videos you suggested but can you give me a quick description of what these videos are about? Thanks so much it means alot