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Hi, I have been studying wisdom sex practices for the past 8 years. I started studying with my teacher Marcus Daniels back in June of 1999 taking his cellular memory healing classes which are now called authentic feeling classes. I have some info on an old website and I am in the midst of beginning to create a new website on my own to share more info concerning what ails us due to our ignorance about sexuality.

There are actually very simple mechanically practices (so to speak) and what I mean by mechanical is that there are some simple issues related to the use of the pc muscle and how to allow feelings of joy to sip inwards into the man's pelvis instead of holding tightness in the pc muscle, the feelings are able to move freely inward and with the correct techniques (awareness, focus, relaxed breath and basic muscle mechanics and fluidity of body movements and presence and complete muscle relaxation) wisdom does descend to earth yet troubles happen for men who are more spiritual connected with deep feelings yet still going super slow and having the correct meditative masturbation practice can solve all erection troubles and prevent premature worries correctly and charge the spiritual battery with wisdom luminosity many blessings when nothing is forced or resisted...yet my challenge is finding the men who actually want to learn and be more conscious...many men are not geared towards spiritual learning yet and are very upset to learn that all of their habits of living in their mind fantasizing is causing severe destruction spiritually to themselves and their loved ones.

I am doing my best to be authentic and pure in my communication...I am sincere yet the world is full of brutal cruelty and a woman teaching about sexuality is usually judged incorrectly and a man's wounds can project upon her, yet of course wounded women use seduction, yet I do not use seduction yet I do touch men with spiritual love that is deep feeling due to my spiritual integration that I acquired in wisdom sex class over seven years ago. I am seeking men who wish to learn about wisdom sex and on rare occasions I find men who can easily do what I am instructing yet they are not interested in dating me...thus it is just circumstances at best at this point, yet I am presently working as a tantra educator even though the word tantra is usually misunderstood and many tantra teachers are not aware of their karmic residues since they do not feel deeper than energy.

To feel deeper than energy the 7 energy chakras must first integrate into 5 elemental chakras and then one of the oval spirit bodies that makes up the human aura must be re-integrated and permanently attached to the back of the third chakra into the psychic navel that exists there. Anyway once the initial 7 to 5 chakra integration begins, true compassion (the second density of love from the upper light channel) is available to descend and then the next wisdom level of density can also drop into a person's body. The experience of being human after this initial integration makes a person subject to crazy wisdom...undigested wisdom levels of spiritual consciousness...yet once the authentic feeling body is attached permanently to the physical body once again ( babies and young children are connected before their psychic break that occurs at about age 4 or 5 ) then the adult is unable to be unconscious of their authentic true feelings and at the same time the adult is conscious of the unconscious feelings that exist as a residue of undigested feeling due to the positioning of the pain in the physical body.

I do my best to teach in a way to help men to learn the basics and I am open to doing phone sessions or sharing in email if someone is not able to meet with me in my present location. Also if my name is googled you can find a couple of podcasts from blogtalkradio ~ I have been a seeker spiritually and sexually all of my life. I have been criticized and shamed for my interests since I am a wanton woman in the minds of those who do not understand. Since my spiritual integration I am aware of mental projections onto my being through fantasizing and I feel the actual psychic rape to my cellular body on a wisdom level. Due to this I have had to avoid posting photos of my face online and also when I share this fact with people, I am usually thought to be crazy, thus I suffer a lot from looking nuts, when really I am deeply loving and caring and open to sharing my truth.

The mental separation of the spirit due to fantasy mind habits is severe and does negatively affect the people being focused upon since our mind does control where our spirit moves and the main part of our spirit is our feelings including our natural desires to enjoy feeling more pleasure and excitement. I do not judge those who fantasize, as I used to fantasize too and it took me six times of practicing for an hour each time to figure out how to masturbate without fantasizing and without tensing up in my legs which usually happens to those who are mentally in a trance due to fantasizing. It is my perception that historical memories that make up the content of the subconscious exists in the lower spirit body that is connected to the root chakra and connects from the base of the torso through our legs and to the soles of our feet. I have found ways to make a person more aware of their feet and leg and butt movements to prevent the tension that uploads past life pain into the aura of the person who is self pleasuring.