Choosing a logo for revamped "Reuniting" site

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Anyone have any thoughts on what kind of logo would work best for this site? As soon as we can round up a webmaster, we plan to make a lot of changes.

Here are some ideas, but all inspirations are welcome:

I like the third one. Easy

I like the third one. Easy to read and it contains the endless-symbol that Marnia uses in her icon as well. Is that intentional? you are one of the big pillars of support on this forum so it would make sense :)

Oh yeah, a logo that somehow has the yin-yang symbol in it would also be a good candidate since this forum is all about bringing the brain back into balance.

There will be a different

total design, too, and ideas are welcome on that as well.

We thought about the Yin-yang. I love that symbol, but I don't like for the site to be pigeon-holed as a Daoist site. I was amazed to discover that the lovemaking ideas we call karezza (which I learned about first from a Daoist book Smile ) have shown up in many cultures. This approach isn't an "--ism," it is about a potential that all humans share. So that's my hesitation.

The infinity sign theme was not an accident, but it also gives a feel of "reuniting."

For some reason I can't see

For some reason I can't see #5. I think the whole embossing into the background idea is probably unnecessary. It doesn't have enough contrast to really pop. I like the typefaces in 1 and 2 though. Have you thought about using those in the black and white? I like the spirit of 3 and 4 - especially 4 because of the hint of the infinity symbol. Very fitting and inspiring. Are you sticking with the Canova sculpture in the background, or is this going to be a whole new look?

Are there any meanings

Are there any meanings behind these logos? I like #3 and #4 ones cos the long tails of R and g reminds me of reuniting. It would be even better if the tails are united in my opinion.

I like # 1

I agree that #s 3-5 evoke the infinity symbol, but I find them slightly harder to read. Want the logo to be easily legible for new visitors.