Improved Sense of Smell?

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Maybe I'm crazy, but have any of you guys noticed a heightened sense of smell after abstaining from long hours of porn and masturbation? I'm on day 5 without an orgasm, and I swear I have like a superhuman sense of smell today. I could smell the perfume from a couple women who walked by like 15 feet away. I also noticed so many different smells outside, I even smelled the rain before it started... weird. Maybe I'm just noticing details in life more, but thought I'd ask if anyone else noticed this.


I actually wrote about that in a previous blogpost :) Yes, I do smell women a lot better and I love it! Also counts for other things, like smelling the rain.

Your pleasure response

is returning to normal. The first time I heard a guy report this, he used the phrase, "The colors are back in my life!" Exciting, eh? One reason porn has been so appealing is that you weren't registering pleasure normally, so you needed more intense stimulation. Rebooting is about reversing that.

Has anyone tried sensory

Has anyone tried sensory testing to measure dopamine overstimulation?

I look for keen senses in potential partners. It's a good sign. It's sad that they have often been made to think they're weird. I've got to sort the more balanced from those not there yet.

Research this

Pheromones.. one of the reasons why I don't use antiperspirant deodorant!! Something that women can sense about a man, The "turn on" for women as you can say! And I guess, its less of a smell and more of an attraction to women in general. I noticed that I enjoy the scent of a women when I am making love, and I enjoy it more now that I am on this journey!