Balancing the Brain with a device

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My first thread and post. English isn`t my first sry, for the spelling and grammar.

I`ll try an experiment to quit my porn addiction. I`ll try to balance my brain with a device. I have this device, it`s called:BioTuner. The device should balance your brain chemistry via electricity.
This device is the new version of the old "BrainTuner".
Bob Beck the inventor of the BrainTuner used this device to cure people from addiction. He said, that the
device can balance the neurotransmitters in the brain and therefor you don`t have any craving.

Here is an interesting interview with Bob Beck....he talks about the device and its possibilites.

I think he is wrong on the theory. He believes that his device increases the endorphine levels. I believe that his device increases ATP-levels (adenosine triphosphate) and gives the body enough energy to rebuild the cells with the needed receptors.

There is another device which helps addicts to recover via electricity. It is called the NETdevice. (NeuroElectricTherapy)

I`ll keep you updated about my progress.