The Chances for our New World Depend Also On Your Mastery Of Love...

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Greetings everyone.
My name is Robert. I've been a member for a little over a year now I think, and I come here often and silently read the articles and materials all of you wonderful people collect to try and help each other out of the cyclic hell we fall into with regards to our sexuality, spirits, and lives.

Long story short - I was sexually abused as a child. I got really confused and have spend the majority of my life hooked on pornography, self medicating with drugs and alcohol, and confused and tormented in dysfunctional relationships with others. I have been working my way to a better life ever since I even got the idea to Google search the topic of sexual problems and related keywords.

I am so grateful that this forum exists because it is allowing me to at least maintain a chance at full recovery, and currently I am in the healthiest relationship I've ever been in. I've grown so much in the past year, and I've also been studying consciousness, the Chinese classics, and neuro plasticity for the past few years in earnest to try and master my life.

I'm posting this as outreach to ask you all to bring your attention and focus to a new topic which you may or may not have heard of. It is related to our struggle in many ways; you just have to take the time to examine it. It could possibly be the most important task that is set before us in this time.

Recently there have been groups of people all across the world standing up to corporations, governments, and corruption in a movement coined simply Occupy-. The movement began with groups from NYC and Canada planning a protest march in New York's financial district with the simple goal of bringing to light the fact that the wall street traders, corrupt politicians, and greedy corporate entities have nearly destroyed the world with their greed and dishonesty.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has grown. Since they began their protests on the 17th, they have grown to numbers over 5000 in New York City, 2000 here in Boston, and now have an occupying force geared up in most major cities. Those of you from Oregon, will take note of the OccupyPortland movement.

This movement has to do with our condition because it is the economic and environmental conditions that contributed to our affliction in the first place. Greed made it possible for men to want more; and to make them believe they deserve it. The abuse of sexuality,and the domination and subjugation of women, made it possible for millions of women to be sold as slaves in one way or the other, at the whim of powerful people. The worldwide acceptance of this over hundreds of years has made it possible for this to go untreated and tolerated for so long as to be thought normal. The economic disparities often force even the brightest of women into a Porn industry which feeds off of a "loophole" in our biology, and creates a mockery and mystery of the life that a human being is possible of living. The alienation and disharmony between the sexes causes us to continue to seek soothing in behaviors such as drug use, violence, and over stimulation. We anesthetize our selves cyclically and dull and drown our spirit, our connection with each other, and our potential as lifeform.

I am asking you to find ways to start conversations with your friends and family about getting involved in this movement, and being as supportive and productive of progress as possible. It is time now to put your energies into shaping the world so that one day your children, lovers, and families, won't fall into the same trap we did. Perhaps one day they will be clear and at peace with their half of the whole. They will understand what making love and coming to meet is all about. It will be because you helped make that possible for them .

While the main idea of the movement is to address economic, political, and social inequality at large, you can do your part in this by coming up with projects that support this idea, while making efforts toward very specific goals that will help you heal by your work to help others heal and recover from similar pain. - The main thing is to be outwardly supportive of this movement. We can do this together. We can make a change.

I appreciate all of the wonderful work, and hard self examinations you share with every one here, and I have felt ups and downs with each of you silently for a while now. Thank you Marnia and the webmasters for building such a beautiful community and site. Please, help support the Occupy Wall Street movement. Go to or There are discussion groups on facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. - The mainstream media is involved in a blackout of these events but make no mistake - they are global and they are not going away. - We need each other. Best wishes for a new world.

Robert Hansford.

Use Art, Poetry, Essays, Emails, Songs, Music, Protest, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Forums of all kinds, - Make your voices heard. They really need help unlocking the Mainstream media, and I hope some of you will try and organize groups that try to address this as very many are already struggling trying to address the financial and governmental district.

Somewhat I would say

Somewhat I would say although I have never heard of this particular video. Well, the designs in the video are recognizable. They are based on the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence. This idea at its most basic level is responsible for so many of the artistic, architectural, and technological advances on the planet.

I would suggest if you are really interested in learning about the Occupy Wall Street movement ,to visit their web sites. - Marnia we need help and support of educated people like yourself, that we can get. Please talk to your friends about what you can do to help support the protestors gathering worldwide right now. - The mainstream media is totally blacking this thing out right now. In order for movements like Thrive and Venus Project (they are slightly similar in that they discuss alternative economic systems and energy centric societal models) to survive.

Go to and read up on it. Search Occupy Wall St on Youtube, Find them on twitter, facebook, etc. You can see live footage of what is taking place in NYC right now. Very big, - thousands. However, the major media companies refuse to report it fairly, if at all. It is going on in all major cities, and across the Globe. This could possibly become the most important event of our combined lifetimes.

On a personal note, I appreciate that you personally interact with the people here, and in a way I have come to look at your site as sort of a cyber-rehab and retreat. It really has helped a great deal, and while I am still in what I consider recovery mode, I have made incredible progress for the good in my life as a result of simply understanding more about the mechanisms that fuel my sexual impulses and behaviors.

P.S. I recently visited Ashland, and have some friends there. I read that you were from there, and I was hoping to run into you downtown during the Shakespeare festival, but never did. I'm a huge fan of the work that people like you and Sharon Bagley are doing. I feel like you guys should team up. You guys'd have all angles. You come at it from Spirit, Science, Sexuality, Society. - Beautiful. She's very active and in communication with several spiritual groups. Most notably the Dali Lama. This is described in the book called, Train Your Mind, and Change Your Brain. -

Anyway, I'll be in Ashland again within the year. - Last time I was there, I was at the local Airport in .. I forgot the city name, but - They asked me to get on standby and offered me free tickets. - I'd love to just say hello or see what you guys are up too. My friends Mom's name is Leah Henigson, and she is a relationship counselor there in the town. She's a lovely lady, and I think you guys should meet! - She has a small office in building near the Farmer's Market. It's where a bunch of offices where. - I can't remember the name. -It's kind of pale pink color. -^_^ Go meet her, you guys are in similar fields!

Thanks again for replying. - I'll spread the Thrive links around and see what it churns up. - Best wishes! - Join the resistance!