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hey everybody,
through searching the web i found this page, and when i read all the stuff on porn addiction i almost cried. im a 22 year old man, but ive always felt guitly about masturbation, and esspecially the growing need for porn! i can really relate to all the conclusions and observations that were written in the articles about my problem. i realize now, i shouldnt feel guilty, but realize ive been fooled by my primitive brain. and somehow that was really an eye-opener. ive noted today on my calender, and will start the first 2 weeks today, hoping to fully quit! i am a very spiritual person so i hope this might give me an extra hand, and i will try to meditate more often. i really hope this motivation i have now will stay on. i just want an healthy sexual balance so that when one day i get a partner, we will have a good romantic passionate relationship!
i will keep u updated on this forum cause i feel writing about it might help!
thankz once more!


Yes, it IS enlightening to realize that you've just been tricked by a part of your brain that thinks images are actual mating opportunities. (No WONDER it doesn't want you to pass them up!) It's kind of funny when you think about it.

But addiction is still tough, and without a partner, you're likely to struggle for a while. Don't get discouraged if there's some back and forth. Remember, when you're feeling blue (going through withdrawal), your "elevator doesn't easily go all the way to the top." By that I mean, it goes only to the primitive brain, which creates an impulse as powerful as puppet strings, and you tend to just act without thinking. Get prepared now, and decide what you'll do when you start to go on "auto-pilot." Call a friend, read something inspiring, pray, etc.

In the absence of a sweetheart, a 12-step group may offer even more of the actual contact with others that will help ease the withdrawal. People to laugh and cry with actually help you balance your brain chemistry. (So do service to others, exercise, martial arts, creativity, etc.)

Of course, we're also happy to have you writing here. It helps others, too. You can even have your own official blog, if you think that would be more helpful.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on.



dear marnia!
im just stunned reading how dedicated u are to this site, and i just want u to know its being appreciated so incredibly much!! just to know theres somebody out there supporting you means a whole lot! for me its difficult to discuss this matter with my loved ones cause im so ashamed of it, so just getting this off my mind is refreshing. and i might just start my own blogg like uve suggested! throughout this day there were several occations that i was looking at women i found sexually attractive, and everytime i realized this was part of the primitive brain! realizing this actually made me laugh at myself, and gave me good courage to be stronger then this primitive side!
once more; thanks a lot! and you'll be hearing from me more i hope! Wink

I can't see there's anything to be ashamed of

Our primitive brains are really on a collision course with porn. Did you see this article for younger guys? http://www.reuniting.info/science/is_there_a_problem_with_porn

Personally, I don't think anyone should be turned loose on this planet without an education about the reward circuitry in the brain...and it's potential for addiction to all kinds of things (that our ancestors didn't have to contend with in the vast quantities that we do).