Have gone 78 days no PMO no good quality erection

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I have gone 78 days so far faithfully no PMO and few times tested to see how strong my erection would be and still seem to have ED. I did not orgasm. But also I feel like in my mind that the masturbation bores me now and it doesn't turn me on as much. Maybe is my age 43 and something I need to accept? I started PMO when I first got Internet at 30 I did some PMO in my early 20's not much no internet at that time.. I never had erections problems it seems until I started watching porn on Internet and not having a GF I used it to substitute it with having relations with women. Also I would meet women for random sex too never hooker just other sex addicted women and it was like I needed a fix like a drug my emotions went wild. Few times I couldn't even get erections with the girls too. Didnt realize I was addicted until seeing this and brainonporn site. I went to urologist all my tests seem to come out fine even the nocturnal test I did. I didn't get a venous leak test because I dont think the doctor seemed the need to do because of the nocturnal tests were fine. He gave me samples of Viagra those worked fine for while then those eventually stopped working I believe this might be from the PMO at the time but i dont want to relay on a pill. I do notice after the 78 days I get more nighttime erections that wake me up but the morning erection is not there anymore. Im guessing I probably need to do this longer too more then 90 days to see what the effects are.

Have there been people that this reboot failed when they did all the necessary healing procedures?

Quote: "Have there been

Quote: "Have there been people that this reboot failed when they did all the necessary healing procedures?"
Not that we know of. Some guys do take longer than 90 days. Their brains may be vulnerable to dopamine dysregulation, and thus take longer to recover. Maybe your age plays a part? Also, when men think they are ready, getting to know someone before heading straight for sex, seems to help.

It comes down to one key concept: Either you have a rare, undiagnosed disorder, or porn-Induced ED. Keep on trucking.

I do feel better in

I do feel better in someways. Guess just have too many high expectations maybe from seeing how those guys perform in the movies messed up he brains way of thinking. I do have a FWB on the side that I can test with since we had relations in the past before I started this reboot. I will take slow steps work to 90 days set short term goals and see how things go. Watching the videos on yourbraoinonporn really seem to make allot of sense opened up my eyes to this. I still get those rushes sometimes to just go out and meet someone random for sex. I had a sex addicted girl try to get with me but I turned her down but I was so tempted to be with her It felt like I was a drug addict trying to get that fix to have that OG feeling. She happened to find someone else to get her dopamine rush. Thanks for support .

Erectile dysfunction caused not by porn, could it be?

Im 21 years old and I have had weak erections pretty long as far as I can remember. On the other hand, I PMO since about 15 or 16 regularly since I got internet and PC in my room. I have had about a month without porn and couple of times of MO without any visual stimulation. I also had sex with my friend, but I had hard time getting it up and it get soft quickly after that.

That is the point that I cannot achieve decent erection even when watching porn. Could the problem be something of medical issue? My friend has watched porn as long as I do, and he has no any kind of erectile or libido problems at all. This makes me feel that something is severely wrong with me.

And yes, do not judge me but I am gay and have felt so long before even I started masturbating so it is not caused by the PMO "turning gay" phenomenom.