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I found that one of the most effective ways to avoid the addiction is to use visualization/imagination. Two visualizations that I've had success with (well limited success, as I did eventually blow it) are the following:

The first is to imagine ejaculation as a draining, a removal of my more energetic spirit. I imagine it as if my heart and soul would be violently ripped out through my urethra, and I'd be left there an empty, tired, miserable husk. When I look at it like that, I almost become sick at the thought of ejaculating.

My second visualization is used during the tremor part of my withdrawal symptoms. Instead of seeing the tremors as some part of my mind telling me "must have relief, must have relief," I visualize it as if lightning is crackling around me like Raiden from Mortal Kombat. It's my newer better spirit forming in my body and I am becoming accustomed to this new awesome power. Of course I'm going to shake and tremor as I learn to control this vast, precious, and now unfamiliar energy! It's kind of like being Tal Rasha in Diablo II, except instead of containing Baal's spirit I'm filled with divine energy (lol!!).

Anyone else use something like this?

Nice images in that last one!

While it's useful to be aware of the potential for perception shifts after orgasm, I'm not sure it's necessary to fear becoming a husk. Wink

Here's what goes through my mind. Maybe you know that mainstream sexologists have declared avoiding orgasm to be a "disorder," or paraphilia. While I'm sure there are people who avoid orgasm for "disordered" reasons, I think there are also very wise, healthy, empowering reasons for learning to manage one's sexual energy.

The "husk" idea, though, kinda sounds extreme to me. Anyone else?

One's entire addictive

One's entire addictive tendency is built on visualization/imagination and affirmation. These "techniques" are simply so effective because of the architecture of the mind.

So using visualization is exactly "the devil's ploy unto himself". I haven't been using visualization much, and never at all in changing perceptions of ejaculation. I mainly used visualization to try to get rid of the stimulus' effect on me. It proved to be a good solution to negative thoughts in general. Instead of trying to resist the negative thought pattern, you will redirect it. Rechannel the energy of the negative thought into a positive thought. With a little mental conditioning, whenever the negative thought occurs, your mind will automatically flow into the linked positive thought.