Day 87 - no PMO

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Wanted to give an update of day 87 no PMO. I have had 3 wet dreams (~ day 10, 54, and 75). My last two wet dreams have been a little strange. I dreamed I was having sex but I was having ED issues. After attempting to get it in, I would ejaculate without having a full erection. This has happened in real life before so I thought it was strange that I dreamed about.

In terms of libido, I had flatlined from about day 55 to 80. Since then, my libido has been generally trending upwards and generally higher. I have been flirting with a few girls and been on a couple of dates. Sometimes when I flirt, I start to get erections. Additionally, sometimes I get turned on just looking or thinking about girls. I am finding it more difficult not to fantasize about girls these days. I take these as good signs.

I feel like I'm getting better but still feel like I would have ED issues when having sex. I am shooting for 120 days before trying to get closer to any girls.

Thanks for the interesting

Thanks for the interesting article. It has some good advice.

I think I am coming out of the flatline period but there are still some days or some points
in the day that I don't feel as aroused. That is probably normal though. I don't
expect to feel horny at all times of the day, every day.

One question about the forum. Why do my posts only show up in the forum
after I log in. I am able to see other posts without logging in.

Maybe this will help

The other person that asked about something like this was using the envelopes to determine new items while reviewing the forums. I can't tell from this comment how he's viewing them. - Going into the forums individually, or from the All Recent Posts page. That makes a difference. "All Recent Posts" doesn't have all the info on it, because it doesn't know who you are if you're not logged in, so can't show the updated / new / new replies count info.

There are two things to remember:

When you are not logged in, the order is different, due to the the time-zone difference of default, and wherever you are, and wherever the posts were created. (It's crazy, and everyone complains about how drupal does it.) So the forums posts are likely there, but just out of order, due to the time-zone broken-ness of this version.

Also, when you're not logged in, you can't see any posts which are marked 'private'. I wonder if some of his posts are marked private.

The imagination is the habit, not the masturbation.

Thanks for posting that link, Marnia, really interesting article.

Let me anticipate a question that will arise in many men. How do you masturbate without imagination?

You, the adult, can't. When you cease imagining and fantasising about love, the masturbation stops. The imagination is the habit, not the masturbation. The imagination stirs the sexual emotionality like a whirlpool and that momentum drives you to masturbate.

Through working through this whole abstinence process, I found it ultimately all boils down to fantasy, and tackling that has been key for me. "The imagination is the habit" - spot on.

Yeah, it seems like

we've all had it backwards. We've been so persuaded of the benefits of masturbation, that fantasy/porn seems like a health-aid. But without the aids, masturbation would settle down to a perfectly manageable occasional event (after adolescence :P ).