Important question about women's orgasm

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It was said that dopomine stays high in a woman 4-5 days after orgasm, then it drops. Wouldn't another orgasm after 5 days (I believe most women have them) keep it up? What about men? Comments?

We don't know if dopamine stays up

What we do know is that some women seem not to notice hangover effects immediately after orgasm as consistently as men. We think this may be due to the effects of oxytocin, which accompanies feelings of selflessness toward another. Some men probably don't fit the usual pattern either.

The goal of this other approach to love making is equilibrium, not a roller coaster ride of highs and lows that shift perception in an erratic pattern.

Having another other orgasm doesn't solve the problem because there seems to be about a two-week recovery period, during which time mood swings occur. So if you add more orgasms, it's like adding successive sine waves that are out of sync. You get highs and lows going all the time (the fighting-followed-by-passionate-makeup syndrome).

What about men? Well, if orgasm led to wellbeing, then porn addicts would be the happiest folks on the planet. Are they?