Day 1 - It Begins

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Well, today is Day 1 of my journey into kicking the ole porn habit.

I recently split with my girlfriend, so it has been especially difficult as I haven't had any outlets to speak of, aside from porn and masturbation.

The longest I have ever gone without the two has been two weeks.

I have read that during the "Reboot" period, it is advisable to stop doing either. Isn't this a risky maneuver? Either way, I am up for anything. I know that pornography is a poison (to me at least) and want to stop using it as a crutch. I don't think I will be able to do it without any accountability, so hopefully some of you guys can keep me honest!

Thanks for reading!

Have you watched

Gary's video? The issue isn't porn or masturbation, it's dopamine dysregulation...and the need to give your brain a well-deserved rest so it can return to normal sensitivity.

Being without an outlet for a little while will not hurt you.

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