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Dharmamatch.com is completely free and it's for spiritual singles. Glad to be of service to this excellent group of people:)

Can others contact you?


If you have not subscribed, can others contact you? Can they see your profile?

If so, it doesn't hurt to have your profile there, and point people to your entry in the Soulmate forum here.
As you know, the service here is completely free. The real problem is to let people who would be interested know about it.

This could be part of the Social Networking drive you mentioned in your other post (http://www.reuniting.info/node/905).

I'm sorry

DharmaMatch isn't completely free. You can't initiate contact with a free subscription but if someone likes and writes to you you can write back.

It's about 20 bucks i think to be able to use the full service. My bad guys.

Dharmamatch online dating

Yes, I think its true that all these dating site if you make an account, they initially don't ask
for anything but if you want to make a friend and want to contact them they will ask your credit
card no and all details.

At the same time these members pictures are their but you never know these people are really
a member of that particular site they may be fake..!

DharmaMatch is good and i think they are asking really very less ..!


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